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A little recipe challenge.

I’ve seen a recipe for a “one pot pasta” dish that seems to have everyone excited. I’ve seen it recently but it appears Martha Stewart published it first in her magazine quite a while ago. But hey, better late than never! I found the recipe here on Food52.com.

I shared the link to the recipe on Facebook and had several people comment that they wanted me to let them know how it turned out. They had seen the recipe before but were too chicken to give it a whirl. Although one friend had tried it, said it was “pretty darn good”. And she’s a food blogger!!

Living in a teeny weenie camper… I would be dumb not to try it.

So here is my review.

The directions tell you to make this dish in a flat sided pot. I happen to have one of those – so far so good. However, they tell you to lay the linguine flat in the pan. My pot is just slightly smaller than the noodles so I had to break them in half. I really hated doing this but….

The other awkward thing about the recipe it that it calls for 12 oz of pasta. But my box of pasta was 16 oz. So I cooked the whole box anyway and added a bit more water. More on that later.

The rest of the recipe is pretty self-explanatory. I added about 1/2 cup extra water to compensate for the extra pasta as well as extra tomatoes and basil. I knew from the beginning that there was no way this would cook in 9 minutes, as claimed, on my camper propane stovetop. I didn’t time it but it wasn’t too much longer once the water started to boil. You are supposed to toss the pasta and other ingredients as it cooks but this was a bit difficult since my pot was already so full.

Here is my finished product. I does make it’s own “sauce” but I think mine is a bit too much because I may have added too much extra water. (At least compared to the picture posted with the original recipe.)


Overall it was a winner, although we all agreed it could use some kind of meat. Some garlic shrimp tossed in would make this spectacular. (But now you’re dealing with 2 pots…) Next time I’ll probably make it in my stock pot which is the closest thing I have that will give me enough room to comfortably toss the dish as it cooks. I’ve also read there are several other one pot pasta and sauce suggestions posted somewhere. I’m going to look for that! Because a one pot recipe is a winner in this camper!

The Art of Camper Cooking

We headed to the Florida panhandle a few days ago. To Big Lagoon State Park, to be exact. So far it’s turned out to be a great little park in what’s technically Pensacola. But not really. I think if we wanted to drive into “town” it would take us over 30 minutes.

I will admit there have been many “touch and goes” in different categories since we’ve started out. Triathlon training has proven difficult but we’ve started to find our way. We did our first open water swim in wetsuits in Louisiana and then hit up a YMCA pool, taking advantage of the AWAY program, in Mobile, Alabama on our way to Florida. While here in the FL park we’ve run and done a brick workout! (bike ride, transitioning straight into a run). I kinda feel like we’re starting to hit our groove!

Feeding ourselves has also been, I hesitate to say “sore spot”. Oh we’ve fed ourselves alright. But with boring sandwiches. Michael has recently started hitting the griddle for breakfast!


While I love this special treatment, we cannot go on like this on a regular basis for two reasons.

  1. Regardless of relentless camper venting techniques, it smells like grandmas greasy house.
  2. Our waistlines and arteries cannot withstand the onslaught of eggs and potatoes fried in sausage grease. (although I’ve been requesting bacon for a while now with no luck. I’m going to complain to the head of the kitchen.)

What I haven’t explicitly acknowledged here is that Mike has commandeered breakfast while I’m in charge of dinner. Lunch is assumed to be leftovers or whatever we can scrounge.  We started planning meals a week out so we’re not trying to run to the grocery store several times a week. I was convinced a weeks worth of groceries wouldn’t fit in our tiny fridge. Mike proved me wrong.

This week we went to Winn Dixie down the road. I think we bought them out of food. Or at least produce. I’m sure it was the highest bill ever for two people. That’s obviously something we need to work on… but we’ll get there. We haven’t eaten out in I don’t know how long, so we’re still spending less overall in the “Food” department. But I’m also cooking dinner recipes IN A CAMPER from Gourmet magazine. SO THERE!!! Small dog sticking out its tongue to the camera

Tandoori Shrimp with Mango Salad


Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs


Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw

Ok, I’m making this for dinner tomorrow, so there is no picture yet… stay tuned!!!

I did “whip up” some homemade Tzatziki at lunch today… and I may have added a little too much garlic…. which is saying a lot because I LOVE GHAAALIC!!!! I really couldn’t tell you a recipe where there could possibly be too much garlic. Except maybe this batch of tzatziki. Mike and I have been garlic dragons all day, breathing out the green and yellow flames that are garlic fumes. RAW GARLIC fumes. And then we went on a run. And continued huffing and puffing the exhaust of demons.

But better both of us than one of us, I guess….  Can’t wait until sleepy time tonight. hardy har….

As I’m writing this Michael is outside lighting the grill that dad got us so he can grill us up some ribs! And to balance out that healthy meat I’m going to saute us up some spinach and, you guessed it! GARLIC!!

If you don’t hear from me again you know we died of garlic overdose….